Many students are more leaned towards the subject of the arts but they are good at Math too. Our education system is designed in such a way that one has to choose between the subjects of Arts or the subject of science at the intermediate level and later stages. This is what we were observing for long and decided to be a reliable and helping hand for such individuals. To help such students and let them study Math along with the subject of Arts, we, at Delhi Degree College, are offering specialized courses and considered to be the best B.A Maths distance College in Delhi whose academic programs are available at a price that would be light on your pocket. Our cost-effective distance courses provide an objective-based approach to the understanding of the subject matter and help in understanding the deeper concepts. We acknowledge the fact that the approach to understanding the subject of arts and Math is quite different, as one requires higher memory retaining capabilities while others need higher logical skills. Our course is designed precisely and helps you understand both domains simultaneously.

Students who have passed their intermediate are eligible for our 03 years Bachelor degree course which we provide through distance learning. We are constituted by a team of highly qualified faculty members who provide excellent academic guidance to you. By completing this course, you would be able to pursue the career options of technical as well as non-technical domain.

Reach out to us to take the advantages of a specialized degree course that is availed to you at a nominal price.