Certificate Courses

We offer a variety of courses based on the distance learning programs and all of them are for different levels of education. There are a number of certificate courses that we offer which can be pursued by students with a variety of education qualification. All of the certificate courses that we offer are based on a number of different subjects and topics. With such a variety, these courses can help students who want to work in any kind of industry and sector.

Due to the quality of our offered courses, one can easily get a job in his or her favored industry. We have a number of students who pursued a course from our institute and have gone on to make careers for themselves. All of the students pursuing our courses get the best quality education and skills which helps them in their professional life. Our students also get the best resources as well as the top quality study materials which can help them.

1FrenchA Pass in Higher Secondary1 yr
2Library & Information ScienceH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
3Child PsychologyH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
4SericultureH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
5Mushroom CultureH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
6VermicultureH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
7Communicative EnglishH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
9Safety in Research and Clinical LaboratoriesH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
10Gene SilencingH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr
11Nano BiologyH.S.C. (+2) passed1 yr