Delhi Degree College is offering all the trending courses to the students so that you can get a good platform to study. All the offered courses are available in the most affordable fees; as we do not take the education system as any kind of business. We are offering Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application Distance Education so that you can add professionalism to your education. We make sure that you not only get the theoretical knowledge but also getting the practical knowledge. We have made the education flexible for you in the distance education so that you can take the classes on the day you have holiday from your job. You can see that these days there is a lot of scope in IT industry that is the reason we are offering the IT courses to you.

With reference to the Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application:

The course is intended for graduate students who are engrossed in computer applications. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application facilitates students to look for professional knowledge in computer applications. In India, PGDCA is a one year long program that a student can pursue following their graduation. This program offers specialism in computer science with technical, professional and communications skills. It also educates students to become future IT professionals and can be placed in the top companies. The programme offers in general expertise to the students in both hard as well as soft skills. Particular attention is given on developing software packages in Visual Basic, C, C++, Java and Oracle as well as basic knowledge of Internet and e-Commerce.