Post Graduate Diploma Programme

After completing under graduation, one can not only pursue a master’s degree but can also enrol in a post graduate diploma. We offer a variety of distance learning programme to people who want to get a post graduate diploma degree. There are a variety of different programmes that we offer which are based on all of the subjects that are there. All of the students who pursue our offered courses get the best quality education and learn a lot on the subject.

The courses that we offer can help you in understanding the subject better and can help you in acquiring a good career. All of the students who have pursued a course from our college have gone to secure good jobs and make a career. There are a variety of study materials and resources which we offer to all of the students that study at our institute. Such resources and materials can help all of the students who learn the best of things as well as get skilled with it.

1PG Dip. in Entrepreneurship DevelopmentAny Degree1 Yr
2PG Dip. in Hospital ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
3PG Dip. in Journalism & Mass CommunicationAny Degree1 Yr
4PG Dip. in Management (PGDM)Any Degree1 Yr
5PG Dip. in Public Relations ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
6PG Dip. in NGO ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
7PG Dip. in Psychological CounsellingAny Degree1 Yr
8PG Dip. in Guidance and CounsellingAny Degree1 Yr
9PG Dip. in Women's StudiesAny Degree1 Yr
10PG Dip. in Human RightsAny Degree1 Yr
11PG Dip. in English Language TeachingAny Degree1 Yr
12PG Dip. in School AdministrationB.Ed.1 Yr
13P.G. Diploma in Criminology and Police AdministrationAny Degree1 Yr
14P.G. Diploma in Advertising & Public RelationsAny Degree1 Yr
15P.G. Diploma in Labour Law and Administrative Law (1 year)Any Degree1 Yr
16P.G. Diploma in Information and Communication Laws (1 year)Any Degree1 Yr
17P.G. Diploma in Consumer LawsAny Degree of Madurai Kamaraj University or any other University recognised by the Syndicate of this University as equivalent1 Yr
18PG Dip. in Marketing ManagementAny Degree2 Yrs
19PG Dip. in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (2 years)Any Degree1 Yr
20PG Dip. in International Business ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
21PG Dip. in Indian Stock MarketAny Degree1 Yr
22PG Dip. in Retail ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
23PG Dip. in Financial ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
24PG Dip. in Systems ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
25PG Dip. in Human Resource ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
26PG Dip. in Operations and Project ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
27PG Dip. in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
28PG Dip. in Actuarial ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
29PG Dip. in Industrial and Company LawGraduation in any discipline from a Recognized University (or) Three year Diploma in Hotel Mgmt. and Catering Tech. (10+2+3 pattern) awarded by Directorate of Technical Education (or) National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi1 Yr
30P.G. Diploma in Hotel ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
31P.G. Diploma in Tourism ManagementAny Degree1 Yr
32PGDCA (1 year)Any Degree1 Yr
33PG Dip. in Immuno TechniquesAny Degree1 Yr
34PG Dip. in Environmental HealthAny Degree1 Yr
35PG Dip. in Environmental Health & HygineAny Degree1 Yr
36PG Dip. in Environmental Molecular DiagnosticsAny Degree1 Yr
37PG Dip. in Industrial MicrobiologyAny Degree1 Yr
38P.G. Diploma in Multimedia TechnologyAny Degree1 Yr