Delhi Degree College is the favoured choice of people who are looking to pursue masters in social work. We aim to endow the students with the knowledge of social practices and plan them to work for the wellbeing of the society. Social workers work for the revival of that segment of society which is rundown of its basic services. This embraces children, women, physically handicaps, backward class people and many others. The offered M.A Social Work Distance Courses In Delhi is an idyllic course for those with a keenness to bring revolution in the society. In view of the fact that the course demands a progressive view in its chaser as well as a sensitive view headed for the issues of social cause. A person with a sharp sense of responsibility towards citizen and society should opt for the mentioned course.

All you need to know about M.A Social Work

MA Social Work is a course which highlights on the factors essential for charitable efforts in a society. Social Work is a field which concentrates on the deprived and the weaker sections of the social order and emphasizes on their upliftment. This course intends to offer required within reach and training which can abet in carrying out social work for the welfare of citizens, animals, etc. Delhi Degree College is helping people to enhance their knowledge, even if they are not able to visit college everyday to take the classes.